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Metalive is a Web 3.0 entertainment company dedicated to combining blockchain technology with the entertainment industry to create a new digital entertainment ecosystem. The company's main service is IP-Fi, a digital copyright management and trading platform based on blockchain technology, which aims to provide creators with a more fair, transparent and efficient copyright protection and revenue distribution mechanism.

  • The main features of IP-Fi are: first, it can carry out digital certification and copyright registration for creative works to ensure copyright ownership and maintain creative rights; second, it can realize automated copyright transactions and income distribution through smart contract technology, avoiding intermediate In the end, it allows creators to directly interact with fans, establish a closer community relationship, and realize more marketing and monetization opportunities.
  • In addition to the IP-Fi platform, Metalive is also exploring other entertainment products and services based on blockchain technology, such as an NFT-based digital art trading platform, a metaverse based on the entertainment industry, and more. Through these innovative products and services, Metalive aims to bring more innovations and opportunities to the entertainment industry, so that more people can benefit from the development of digital entertainment.
  • Our Platform

    Our Events

    Our Speciality

    Concert Organiser

    We are a passionate team in entertainment show from ideation to a live concert. We always excited to bring the most hype concert to meet the fans.


    We are specialised in creating, organising and building exhibitions for associations and organisers. We strive to have good experience of the exhibition.

    Event Planner

    We develop event from conceptualisation to real event execution with our professional expressiveness for companies and brands.

    Film Producer

    We manage all aspects of the film process includes scripts writing, producing, directing and editing. We can bring your concept from storyboard to screen.

    Our Partner


    ACO MEDIA is a leading entertainment company offering live concerts, events, artist management, and film production. With over 20 years of experience, they have built strong relationships with international artists like Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, and Jay Chou. Founded in 2018, ACO MEDIA is committed to delivering exceptional event experiences and has established a solid presence in the industry through their resilient networks with partners, clients, and sponsors.

  • Expanding the Malaysian game development community
  • Conducting workshops with governments
  • Mentoring local game development studios
  • Work-For-Hire / Solutions
  • Offering indie friendly outsourcing services
  • Gamification of modern solutions
  • Our Flagship Game

    “Modernising the gaming experience with the combination of classic and innovation, to redefine the word FUN”

    Re:Legend is an award winning Sim-RPG game that raised almost $500,000 ended up being “The most funded Kickstarter Project in SEA” in 2017 with more than 20 million traffic on the STEAM Store and achieving a sales record of 100,000 copies sold within a month of soft launch

    Project Timeline


    24 Jun 2023

    The Unbelievable

    Jul 2023

    Hong Kong
    Demon Slayer

    Aug 2023


    25 Aug 2023

    Miss Universe

    23 Sept 2023

    Demon Slayer

    Coming Soon

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